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cost and savings

What does solar cost?

Many things go into the cost of solar, including the kind of solar system you want, where you live and your tax situation. Really, the cost of going solar can be answered only by speaking with a Solar Consultant, but we can get an idea at least. 

Now that we have a sense of the cost, let’s set up a time to really talk it through!

why smart solar

The Smart Choice

Solar companies are a dime a dozen – we should know, we have decades of experience watching them come and go. Choosing the right solar company can feel like trying to read the future in stereo instructions.

Will they do a good job? Is it a good price? Will they still be around if I run into problems? Will my system produce what they said? How do I get the tax credits and incentives? Will I save money?

We created Smart Solar to answer these questions.

We are here to help you choose the best solar option for you, smart, simple and guaranteed.




  • Highest quality
  • Best customer service
  • Increased equity and value
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Dedicated Tax



  • Licensed solar tax advice
  • Up to 22.2% additional tax credits
  • Help filing correctly
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  • 25-year coverage
  • Independent of any solar company
  • Fully transferrable
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